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Providing a comfortable ride for conference room style chairs to executive style seating.

T4001 Knee-Tilt Series

Created for task seating applications

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  • T4002 Plus+

    The T4002-Plus+ Knee-Tilt mechanism is rated and warranted for 350lb use. Providing more spring power than ever before, this mechanism has been re-engineered in order to accommodate larger seating requirements for executive chairs.

    This knee tilt promotes keeping your feet on the ground and your thighs parallel to the floor when you recline, thus reducing the pressure on your thighs.The T4002-Plus+ mechanism has height adjustment (TA), tilt tension (TL), and infinite lock on the several available separate back adjust options.

    Complementing the package mechanism package includes options such as Integrated Seat Slider providing 2.5" of travel and Rotary Side Tension.

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