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T991 Synchro-Tilt

This low profile Synchro-Tilt mechanism has a 2:1 seat to back ratio. The T991 was developed for a two piece chair and comes with the Top Activation Option. The JBUM option allows 2.25” or 3.00” wide j-shaped back uprights to be assembled to the mechanism providing back depth adjustment.

The T991 ST JBUM mechanism can also be equipped with the single position tilt lock option that is adjusted with a lever located at the front of the mechanism.

A welded Euro Back (EB) is also available which allows the most popular back upright feature to be assembled to the mechanism.

Manual height adjustment is available with a spindle, bell and washer combination.

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  • T3001 Synchro-Glide

    T3001 Synchro-GlideThe T3001 Synchro-Glide mechanism provides a unique ride which has very little seat rise at the front of the seat. This eliminates excess pressure under your legs just behind the occupant’s knees which is usually experienced on most other synchro-tilt mechanisms. This control is suitable for use on executive and semi-executive 2-piece chairs. It comes equipped with a 5-postion PBR (Positive Back Release) locking device and pneumatic height adjustment. Several separate back adjustment options and integrated seat sliders can be incorporated to this control.

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  • Euro Glide II

    The modern styled forward pivot Euro Glide II Synchro-Tilt mechanism has a unique synchronized ride that cradles the occupant as they recline in the chair.

    The Euro Glide II features include tri-lobed levers, side tension adjustment, a five position anti-kick lock, seat height adjustment, several separate back adjustment options, and plastic shrouds that streamline the overall appearance.

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